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A Void dwells in a medium ever since the physical body's birth, thus nothing seemingly different between them and normal human beings at first glance. Though at better examination, one can find a glimpse of differences, notably by their lack of emotion. Another thing to note is that most of Voids have a slight physical flaw or born as a half-blood, ignoring their parents heritage (ZILCH being a cat-hybrid and FAUX being a demon-hybrid as an example, even though they were born from normal human parents).

When its body dies a Void will be sent back to the 'universal soul', or given a new body to dwell if it hasn't finished its vow to its Master.


Voids are scattered throughout the whole world. More than a half of them live their life alongside humans without knowledge of their real self, some acknowledge themselves and tend to live in seclusion, and only a few use their knowledge for a proper Master.

The government across the world seems to be interested in their uniqueness and each have their own ways on preserving them; some appreciate their rights like normal human beings and some think of them as mere tools for their nation (in the country ZILCH and FAUX were born, the government collected the Voids together in a cover of mental asylum. Their personal skills was honed to their limit and used for the country's sake, mostly for doing tasks considered dangerous or improper for humans like exploring new area, assassination, suicide bombing, etc. This method is widely used throughout the world, but the truth, of course, remains unknown to public).

There are also, in a very rare occasion, Voids that overcome their natural law and acknowledge emotions to their fullest. This kind of Voids, despite of having a vow, may have their own desire and use their Master like dolls. They are proven to be dangerous and hunted down as international criminals.


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